Texture shoes, lines and shapes

Did you know that someone had to design the bottom of your shoes?  Now Second graders do too.  There are more than zigzags and ripple lined treads now!  I could not believe all the variety of designs now left in the snow!!  What a great way to advertise your product.  2nd graders are using these decorated steps to create a unique crayon design.  They were so excited to take off their shoes…IN ART!!! Once they started working on finding the empty shapes, they were so FOCUSED!

I will later show them some of the art of artist Jesse Reno.

I love art teacher blogs!.  I get some great inspirations. Thanks to Pamela Holdermans blog I came across Jesse Reno.

I’m sure this will lead to some interesting conversations and comparisons.  This will set them up to learn more about the primitive art that influenced him.

Our next project will be of Aboriginal influences.

We may even use the shoe texture piece as our background…….it’s about the process more than the project!


We also watched a couple of videos about crayon artist Herb Williams  check it out!


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