I have the best parents!  While on a job, one of our parents came across several showcases that were going to be thrown out!  So he thought of us at school.  I don’t have a load of 3D during the year, however I fill them up for our annual Fairmount Art Show.  I did not want the cases to be left empty so we started displaying the student’s collections.  They have to do a bit of writing before they bring in their collections.  They write about how long they have been collecting, how they got started and which piece is their favorite and why.   We have had teddy bears, hockey pucks, baseball and football cards, silly bands, Transformers, snow globes, books and Hello Kitty items, and of course ROCKS!

It has been a great way to learn more about my students.  Teachers are even signing up to bring in their collections!

Here are a few.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also found a site to help kids get more ideas of what a collection may look like at Collection  a Day


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