QR codes

Thank goodness for my son!  He has taught me more than I will ever use about the internet and sites that use the latest and greatest technology.  He showed me how to make a qr code so that my parents can scan it using their cell phones

and it will automatically take them to my Primary Colors are blog!


I found this article and it explains what  QR CODES are and has some helpful links to get you started.

What Is A QR Code And Why Do You Need One?

Oct 15, 2009 at 2:07pm ET by Marc Lyne

You first need to create a QR Code.  There are several sites that will generate it for you.  I used http://delivr.com/qr-code-generator.  Once you make the code and save it to your computer you just need to print it out and start using it.  You will also need an APP that reads barcodes, on your cell phone.

I have an all school art show coming up, and I plan on using this idea to promote the Gallery opening.  Our parents gather daily outside of the school to pick up their students and while they wait they socialize.   I plan on posting this outside so they can “figure” it out.  Yes most of my community use cell phones!  I hope to teach them something new too.

Maybe I will do  daily “give” aways?

Maybe I will use it to have parents sign up to bring refreshments to the Gallery Opening?

Oh,  a sticker for my truck!!!

Fridge magnets?


Add to the school newsletter?

Any other ideas on how I can use this?



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