Art Show is a SUCCESS!

What a great evening!  I love meeting parents of those young artists!

At the beginning of each year students make artist portfolios where they store all their completed works.  This way, they have a body of work to first and foremost see how they have improved, and secondly, so they may select their favorite piece for our all school show.  They usually don’t pick the piece I would pick, but this is why the show is a success.

 They picked THEIR favorite!  So they are very excited to share it with the world!

I started “matting” and labeling the art 2 weeks ago, and started hanging the show last Monday.  I completed hanging the over 525 piece show hmmmmmm……yesterday!  The show opened …hmmmmm…yesterday at 5pm.

To make a visual impact on our staff and those parents that frequent the building I remove EVERYTHING from the walls the week prior to hanging.  This way it looks empty and cold…

Hellowwwwwwwwwecho,echo echo!


And as if by Magic!

I mix up the art, so that the kids need to look at it all!  They make invitations that tell their parents what piece is in the show and  which Gallery it is in.

( I have 25)

We have refreshments that are donated by our parent community and served by our Student Council members and invited docents.   We ate over 50 dozen cookies this year and drank about 40 gallons of lemonade.  THANK YOU TO ALL MY PARENTS!

During the opening our 4th graders had a handbell performance.  I love seeing what my team does with kids.  After watching the kids in Mrs. Zyla’s class I have a much better understanding of why I teach ART and not music.  Click on the link to hear our 4th graders play Twinkle Twinkle

I will be adding photos of some of the art kids created this year later this week.


One Comment on “Art Show is a SUCCESS!”

  1. Mia says:

    Wow! It looks like alot of work!

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