Gallery Hunt

Once the art show is up and the opening is over I create a “treasure hunt” using the gallery.  On opening night it is all about the individual artist.  So the kids show off their work, their friends work and they leave.  I create the Gallery Hunt to give students a chance to see more.  I do this with my 4th -6th graders, although next year I will do it differently with my 6th graders.  They (one class) took the fun out of it for the others!

I take a photo of some of my favorites and then crop down to a smaller portion.  This challenges them to use their observation skills.

ZOOOM IN and you get this

I f you selected image # 3 you are correct and now you are ready to play the game!

Here are the rules

Groups of 2-3 must stay together, no dividing and conquering!

There is no touching the art, no running in the gallery, and no loud voices.  The same gallery etiquette we would use at the Denver Art Museum.

The first group to complete the quest with the most correct answers wins!  If I see a rule being broken the group must sit in the “Penalty box” for 2 minutes.

I have 25 galleries and there is a piece in every gallery.  It takes about 10 minutes for the first AHHHH HAA and they are off!

Of course they must also look out for those “spies”!  You know, those kids that hang in the background and wait for another group to point out the piece, then they swooooop in to check it out and go to the next one.


The gallery hunt takes about two 45 minute class periods.


4 Comments on “Gallery Hunt”

  1. McKenna says:

    Alex is in the last picture!

  2. Mia says:

    Hi Mrs.Day!

  3. angie says:

    What a great idea! I am definitely going to do this at my next show!

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