STAY within the lines!

6th Graders are getting ready to do their self portraits using a variety of images and mixed media.  We started by doing a black outline of themselves using a recycled laminate film over the xerox copy of themselves.  Leave it to kids, as we were passing out the images, several kids put the line drawing over their faces….messing around…and OHHHHHH   I had to go take a photo of the results.  Tomorrow I will be asking them,

 “Where do artists get their ideas?”

Check out the likeness. 


3 Comments on “STAY within the lines!”

  1. Jessie Asay says:

    You know I LOVE the one of Jessie Asay, its really cool! Mine is the best! (Its just a fact no offense to everyone else!)

  2. Mia Aranda says:

    I love this project! Its definetly one of my favorites!

  3. McKenna Kimose says:

    It’ll be interesting to see how these turn out

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