Steve Roden inspired, coded paintings

Steve Roden creates his paintings after he has created a code. He will listen to a piece of music and using his code,he “paints the music”

5th Graders created their own codes using the color wheel. The pure hues spell out a word or a phrase that relates to the overall theme of their art. In order to have their coded messages stand out, and be visible to their viewers they mixed tints of colors and completed their paintings. Students also learned that artist use contrast to add visual interest to their work. Black and White contrasts the colored areas.

 click on the image to see more paintings


Tessellations Look AWESOME!

The 5th graders tessellations are done and looking great.  Check out some of their creations.  There are quiet a few of them so click on the individual images to view them in a larger format.  They are definitely worth the upload!


Tessellations and technology

5th Graders selected from a translation, rotation or reflection tessellation.  They then drew an image with a main subject and some supporting characters.  They outlined them in fine line sharpies, then used colored pencils to color in.  I then color copied them and they cut them out and glued them down.  The rubric was relatively simple, with 2 written questions hopefully to make them think how technology can help artists.  I will let you know what they say about their projects later.

They loved looking at the tessellations and the art of M.C. Escher.

This site links to many resources about Tessellations.


Once the tessellations are on display I will have students pair up and begin the process of grading the projects.  They are given the rubric and they are to have a conversation about what was suppose to be in the piece of art.  I caught a small portion of the discussion.  Of course when I stop filming the great comments and discussion happened.  Never fails!