Topo Hands

click on the image to see more hands

Students created a line design of their hands using various colors of Sharpie and felt tip pens. Using the idea of a topographic map they tried to give the illusion of the hand being 3D. They added pattern to one of the hands.


STAY within the lines!

6th Graders are getting ready to do their self portraits using a variety of images and mixed media.  We started by doing a black outline of themselves using a recycled laminate film over the xerox copy of themselves.  Leave it to kids, as we were passing out the images, several kids put the line drawing over their faces….messing around…and OHHHHHH   I had to go take a photo of the results.  Tomorrow I will be asking them,

 “Where do artists get their ideas?”

Check out the likeness. 

Grading projects

Students grade their own projects, then I either agree or disagree with them.  Usually they are more critical than I am!  The sixth grade Egyptian unit included a journal of learning from their King Tut field trip, cartouche designs and their ceramic sarcophagus.

The reflection question was….Why is it important to learn about ancient cultures and the art they created?



Ceramic Sarcophagi

Thanks to Mr Post and his blog for our inspirations!  The King Tut exhibit came to the Denver Art Museum and off we went!  I have not taken a field trip with kids in a very long time.  So I figured go big!  I took our 4th, 5th and 6th graders! 6 buses, parents and almost 400 kids!  Next field trip I will take only one grade level.  It was a great success and we came back inspired to create!  I hope that you  all can take advantage of your local art museums.

6th graders made sarcophagi time capsules.  Inside they placed a letter to their “older” self.  They even left a secret message to themselves in Egyptian hieroglyphics.