Are you  just about finished with your Reflections entry? 

Remember that the deadline to turn in your work is OCTOBER 24!

It is that time of the year again to begin thinking about this years Reflections competitions

The theme for this year’s Reflections program is “Diversity Means…”.

You will find all the information at:


The Count down!

Well it is just about time!  I had a great summer doing art and gardening, not to mention keeping busy with all the animals!  I took a pastel class with Mrs. Starkey ( my favorite sub!) It was fun being the art student again.

I also invited to join a group of local artist’s creating in a great studio space!

 These are a few of the shrines that we made during one of our sessions.

I also had some aspiring artists up to the ranch for pastels on the mountain!

We did not get finished, but they are a great start.  Way to go teachers! 

Hope my job is not in danger!

Now to put that energy back to work getting ready for my young artists.

 Do I rearrange the tables, paint the chairs, cut paper?  Re-acquaint with staff, make my calendar, class-lists, up-date my computer and everyone’s new emails,groups and times, try to get into my storeroom, take down art, put up new art, order supplies, or…………….where do I start?

Maybe I should paint something on the wall!

6 days and counting!