“Woman in a Hat”

2nd Graders did observational drawings based on the Picasso print “Woman in a Hat with Pompoms and a Printed Blouse” They did not draw with pencil first. They could only use markers.

This was difficult for some as they could not erase mistakes.

They did a great job.

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Topo Hands

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Students created a line design of their hands using various colors of Sharpie and felt tip pens. Using the idea of a topographic map they tried to give the illusion of the hand being 3D. They added pattern to one of the hands.

Steve Roden inspired, coded paintings

Steve Roden creates his paintings after he has created a code. He will listen to a piece of music and using his code,he “paints the music”

5th Graders created their own codes using the color wheel. The pure hues spell out a word or a phrase that relates to the overall theme of their art. In order to have their coded messages stand out, and be visible to their viewers they mixed tints of colors and completed their paintings. Students also learned that artist use contrast to add visual interest to their work. Black and White contrasts the colored areas.

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The final 4th grade Mural

Finally Mrs. Rogers 4th graders are glazing their mural that represents the Colorado Gold Rush.  Students selected the images that they thought best represented our Colorado history. One more day of glazing, fire it, put it together, grout it the add the final touches.

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After several art classes in college, I finally took a color theory class and fell in love with

color Made with My Cool Signs.Net

I begin teaching color theory in first grade.  One of my favorite displays in my class is the color wheel.  I introduced Guido Cecere’s color ensembles.


We looked at a few of his pieces and then I created a homework assignment for the entire school.  Each student was to find something that had no personal value, it had to fit in their hand, and had to be one color.  The junk began coming in.  Once we collected the junk, my 6th graders hot glued the colored objects onto masonite circles.

The Primary Colors logo was created from my color wheel.

I also found some advertisements from Target, and a few great photographs of objects that depict some part of the color wheel.

discussion began this way:

“So we have looked at Guido Cecere’s art.  We created a Guido “inspired” color wheel….and look what I found”  As they are looking at the images,  I pondered  ”  I wonder if the people who created this layout knew about Guido?  Do you think they studied about him in their Art classes?”

“Hey! ”  chimes in one of my kiddos, “Did Guido also inspire the guy who wrote the I SPY books?”

And the discussions began!

We talked about the value of learning from other artist.  We talked about artist’s styles.   We talked about how history gives us ideas.

We talked about various art jobs in the world.  We talked about getting inspired but making it our own.

So now I have another project yet again inspired by …..a student!

and it all started from a single piece of unwanted color!

My 4th graders took this idea and created collages of a single color.  Purples and Oranges were hard to find!  I took them into the computer lab and they typed up their own “I SPY” words.  We printed them off and made our own I SPY books.

They later shared their books with Kindies.  What a great spin-off!

I went down to borrow the book later in the year.    I was questioned by a very precocious little girl.  She told me that these books were very special to them.  They are in the”favorite” section.  I was told to “Make sure those kids take care of them!”

I love when it all comes together!





Tessellations Look AWESOME!

The 5th graders tessellations are done and looking great.  Check out some of their creations.  There are quiet a few of them so click on the individual images to view them in a larger format.  They are definitely worth the upload!