Steve Roden inspired, coded paintings

Steve Roden creates his paintings after he has created a code. He will listen to a piece of music and using his code,he “paints the music”

5th Graders created their own codes using the color wheel. The pure hues spell out a word or a phrase that relates to the overall theme of their art. In order to have their coded messages stand out, and be visible to their viewers they mixed tints of colors and completed their paintings. Students also learned that artist use contrast to add visual interest to their work. Black and White contrasts the colored areas.

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Portland Artist Jesse Reno inspired paintings are finally done!

Of course I had to hang the district show tonight and these could not be in it!

AGGHHHH!!  It never fails.

So if you did not read the past blog you will have to check it out.  I started with the kids creating textures using their shoes.  I was going to do something with a contour line shoe after but found myself surfing the net and came across Portland artist Jesse Renos youtubes.  I fell in love with all the primitive images and knew that I would incorporate this into the textures.

“Acceptance, That is the Key to Unlocking”

We did some “imagination busters” and on the smartboard and created our own new animals by combining 2 -4 animals.  The requirement was that the new animal had to have a combination of animals with fur, fins, scales, or skin.  But it could not be both fur…..and of course they could not just be BORING animals like a cat or a dog!


They brought back their homework and we traced at least 2 on the back of their shoe textures.  They cut them out and then needed to use 2 spirals and other shapes in the background.  We talked about repetition of images and off they went.

Once everything was glued down they use their 3 favorite chalk colors to scribble in some color in the background.  Thinned down white tempera paint was smeared over the chalk for the pastel coloring.  Last, they added additional black and white drawings to complete the image.